The online tax courses at Beyond Tax Academy® were created so you don’t have to put your life on hold. Our flexible learning environment allows you to reach your professional goals without interrupting your daily routine. You can work, pick up the kids from school, and spend time with your family, all while enhancing your career with tax preparation skills.



With our online course being available, you’ll have full access to learn anytime. 

Career Development

Gain a solid foundation that can lead to a fulfilling career in tax preparation. Learn tax theory, current tax laws and filing practices.

Skilled instructors.

Skilled Instructors

Learn from experienced Tax Experts, who has over 20+ years in experience and receive a certificate of completion*


Our online classes are available at convenient times that work with your schedule

Unique Approach

In our guided online classroom setting, the course includes tax theory snd learning with the latest tax preparation software. You’ll complete real-world tax preparation exercises 


How To Structure Your Tax Business With No Experience:

  1. Steps to Starting a Home Tax Business
  2. Steps on how to become an IRS certified tax professional.
  3. Learn how to file taxes as a paid preparer.
  4. How to keep your business in compliance with the IRS.

Preferred Professional Software:

  1. Office Protocol- How to operate your business efficiently.
  2. Client Documents/Complete Client Folders

Tax Law Changes

Advanced Marketing Strategies/Branding:

  1. How to market a virtual office
  2. Reaching clients early (Pre-season marketing)/Email Marketing
  3. Client Retention Strategies
  4. How to grow your business, products, and services.

Tax Topic Trainings:

  1. - Covid 19
  2. - SBA Loans/PPP/EDIL
  3. - Crypto/ Stocks/ CBD/ Inherited Property
  4. - Home Based Business
  • Business VehsBONUS: Guerilla Marketing
  • Business Partnership
  • Bank Connections (Settlement Bank connections, Cash Advances, etc.)
  • Ancillary products Access
  • Merchant Account Access
  • Complete Business Credit Profile Access

Advanced Tax Training:

  1. Tax Collection Process
  2. IRS Tax Liens & Levy
  3. IRS penalties & Resolving Debt
  4. Defending IRS Exams
  5. Form 1065
  6. Amended Tax Returns
  7. S-Corp Tax Returns